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Size 120x220
290 Flowers
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Home Elite Wreath Elit N9

Wreath Elit N9 60,000 dram

For composing this funeral wreath, our florists have used 200 Red Naomi Roses, 30 Blindate Gerberas and 60 white roses of type Dolomiti and Red Naomi

The wreath is made of 2 main compositions: a circular composition that has 120cm diameter, and white composition of Roses attached on the top. The overall height of this funeral wreath is 220cm.

The duration of composing this wreath is 2 hours, hence if you order this wreath you should take into account this fact while mentioning this funeral wreath. Delivery of funeral wreath in Yerevan is free. We have also paid delivery service for locations in Artsakh and other villages in Armenia. You may get acquainted with the delivery price list in the next step while ordering this wreath.   

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Funeral Wreath delivery is available for all locations in Armenia and Artsakh

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Funeral wreath in white

50000 ֏

The funeral wreath is a combination of 4 compositions. For this funeral spray, we have used 45 Roses, 27 steam white Gladiolus, 10 white Mums, 70 white Carnations, 250 white Japanese mums, and 5 white Gerberas.

Size 100x230
410 Flowers

Condolence Wreath with Netherland Bordeaux roses

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We have used 150 Netherland red roses of Gladiator type, Lisianthuses, Anthuriums, Georgina chrysanthemums and Gerberas to create this unique and beautiful funeral wreath.

Size 120x200
200 Flowers

White Funeral Wreath with Green Layer

65000 ֏

The funeral wreath is made of two compositions, the ring form composition is prepared using Carnations, white Alstroemerias, and Green Chrysanthemums. The duration of composing the funeral spray is 2 hours

Size 100x210
320 Flowers

Funeral Wreath Elite N8

30000 ֏

We have used white Carnations, Netherland roses (Jumelia) & Gerberas (Marmolada) to arrange this funeral wreath. It has 1-meter length and 2-meter height.

Size 100x200
120 Flowers