Home Wreaths Wreath with Fantasy Anthuriums
Size 100x190
180 Flowers

Wreath with Fantasy Anthuriums 50,000 dram

This elegant funeral wreath is made of flowers having purple color gamut, the wreath is exclusive with its colors and flower variety. While making the wreath our floral designer used 45 Ocean Song Roses, 25 greenish-purple Fantasy Anthuriums, and 55 Purple Herbariums.

The funeral wreath got its final gorgeous look thanks to the various natural decorative plants.

The height of the wreath is 1.6 m and the width 0.9 m.

On some wreaths it is also visible the high quality hand write on the ribbon.
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Funeral wreath of Jumelia Roses and Carnations

90000 ֏

80 steams of Jumelia Roses, 3 Anthuriums, 35 branches Lisianthus, and 130 steams of white Carnations were used to create this funeral wreath.

Size 90x210
250 Flowers

Flowers Funeral Wreath With Calla Lilies

30000 ֏

40 Poli Ice Gerberas, 40 branches white Alstroemeria, and 20 Calla Lily are used to compose this funeral wreath. At the top of the wreath are used 20 white Calla Lilies (arum lily) which are positioned in equal distances from each other.

Size 210x90
120 Flowers

Gilded funeral wreath

50000 ֏

This is a wreath with natural blacksmith leaves. This wreath has 1 main bouquet which has 70cm diameter. This elegant funeral wreath is composed from Netherlands roses and Gerberas.

Size 220x120
70 Flowers

Wreath of Netherlend roses

700000 ֏

This oval shaped funeral wreath is designed from 350 Carnations and 70 Netherlands Roses. In the central part of the wreath is placed a large bouquet of roses.

Size 200x80
350 Flowers